"Another fusion CD is born", one might think. But no! This particular CD is very different from the other fusion recordings of this genre. "Marea Alta: Live in Buckhead" is simply the end result of a great deal of work by J. Santiago Nuñez.  This is in terms of the compositions, arrangements and the musical executions of the musicians featured on the CD. 

     Besides being a very good instrumentalist (we can appreciate his solos on the songs "Arrecife", "Atlanta", as well as in other tracks), Santiago also displays a great talent as a composer.  This talent for composing can be appreciated, for example, on track number 9 under the title "Montage".  This song contains a dreamy melody and features a couple of great and soulful solos by Fono Jazz Recording artist Leo Quintero and the amazing sax man Nick Longo.

     In his last work, Santiago demonstrates that he has an excellent musical line up in his group: Leo Quintero (guitar and special guest), Nick Longo (alto sax), Billy Wilkie (guitar), Josè Luis de La Cruz (percussion) and Darrel Dodge (complementary keyboard playing parallel melodies along with Santiago on the tracks of "November 25th" and "Atlanta"). 

     Does Nick Longo have Italian blood? Ecco perchè suona così bene!!.  The incredible talent of guitar player Billy Wilkie is more than obvious on the song "Monte Carlo".  In sum, all the musicians on the CD are first class.  Well then, there are thirteen themes on this new CD, all for listening!

     Bravissimo Santiago, complimenti per l'ottimo lavoro! Spero di stringervi la mano a tutti, quando verrò negli States (I hope soon....!!)